IAAP Buenos Aires 2022 | XXII International Congress for Analytical Psychology
August 28 to September 2
Buenos Aires - Argentina
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The XXII International Congress for Analytical Psychology will be held in a hybrid format
(in-person and virtual)

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is a great joy for us to present to you the program of the XXII International Congress of Analytical Psychology in Buenos Aires 2022. It will be the first time that an International Congress of the IAAP takes place in Latin America. This is significant and symbolic, as interest in Analytical Psychology is steadily growing in this part of the world with increasing number of our members, including younger generations. We hope this Congress will contribute to the dissemination of contemporary Analytical Psychology in Latin America and, at the same time, will offer Analytical Psychology and our members the opportunity to learn from the development of theory and praxis in this region, which will lead to a reciprocal opening.

When in January 2020 members of the Congress Program Committee defined the theme for this congress, “ANALYTICAL PSYCHOLOGY OPENING TO THE CHANGING WORLD: Contemporary Perspectives on Clinical, Scientific, Social, Cultural and Environmental Issues”, we never imagined how timely this theme would become after the COVID 19 pandemic which began right after this decision and when two years later, on February 24 2022, the terrible war in Ukraine began.

There is no doubt that Analytical Psychology is a psychology that is alive, that has been opening up and enriching itself in this changing world. In recent years, Analytical Psychology has been opening to new ideas and perspectives and has had a strong expansion in different regions of the world. These years of lockdown, uncertainty, and suffering have further accentuated this trend, which is becoming more and more necessary. The covid pandemic and the recent war forced and enabled us to work more online for psychotherapy, supervision, and psychological assistance for victims of covid and war refugees. This has created more possibilities for psychotherapy and training. As a reaction to the pandemic and the war, voluntary psychological care for victims of covid-19 and war refugees was organized by our members and supported by the IAAP. Analytical Psychology is not only restricted to the traditional way of working but is opening to more social responsibility and activity. Furthermore, these activities lead to several researches, some of which are supported by the IAAP. These are reflected in the program of this Congress.

Accompanying the opening movement of the IAAP, this will also be the first time for an online and on-site International Congress. The hybrid format provides the opportunity for participation to colleagues who would otherwise not be able to participate in the event and opens a cyber meeting space and time for all of us. To compensate for the inconvenience that time zone difference may cause for some people, all congress presentations will be recorded and posted online. The recording will be available on demand to all participants for the period of four months after the congress.

During the intense days of the Congress, we invite you to share experiences and enjoy the plenary sessions, breakouts, and cultural activities which have been carefully selected by the members of the Program and Organizing Committees. The openness of analytical psychology to the changing world will be reflected in presentations related to very engaging topics such as diversity, symbolic expressions in different cultures, native healers, cultural complexes, Jungian analysis, dreams, and clinical issues which arose during the pandemic, online analysis, important political issues and the results of research projects by some of our members.

On Monday 29th, the Congress opens with a short Welcome by the President Toshio Kawai and Welcome Address from the President-elect Misser Berg. Plenary sessions will take place in the morning. An overview of the plenary sessions for the week of the Congress is provided for your information. This is followed by a list of three-time period breakout sessions.

Equally interesting are the pre-congress activities scheduled for Sunday 28th, offering six workshops and four masterclasses on supervision. Also, on Sunday the Review of Council of Societies meeting, a preparation of Meeting of Delegates with all Presidents of GM, and several organizational meetings have been scheduled. As is our tradition, the IAAP meeting of the Delegates will be held on Wednesday afternoon.

In the mornings, before the academic presentations, the participants will have the opportunity to take part in the traditional social dreaming matrix or a mindfulness session.

Special presentations have been scheduled for the end of the day: Craig Stephenson´s "The Woman Who Was Everything": A Performed Reading of the Correspondence of Victoria Ocampo, Hermann Keyserling, and C. G. Jung; The Tower, a film presentation and panel discussion with Patricia Llosa and Ilona Melker of the film by Hillary Morgan about her grandmother, Christiana Morgan; Nise da Silveira, Lady of Images, an exhibition of paintings by patients from Casa das Palmeiras and presentation of the life and meaning of the work of this Jungian pioneer in Brazil, and the presentation “Mitos de nuestra tierra. Un interpretación en torno a la cosmovisión en la cultura Wichi” by Vicente Rubino and Marina Rubino.

Simultaneously, we will also have the traditional Members Gala on Thursday evening, organized by Mark Winborn, and as an innovation, the members of the Organizing Committee have scheduled tango classes for those participants who would like to experience the spirit of the Rio de la Plata.

Friday afternoon will be the closing ceremony, where the new honorary members will be presented, and the celebration of new individual members will take place. At the end of the ceremony, President Toshio Kawai will give his farewell address after three years of administration. This will be followed by the speech by Misser Berg, who becomes the new President after this Congress. The day ends with the Gala Dinner at Madero Walk, where you will be able to capture the beauty of this corner of the city of Buenos Aires at night, and enjoy a wonderful dinner and dance together.

With best wishes,

Toshio Kawai
President of the IAAP
Pilar Amezaga
Vice President of the IAAP
Chair of the Program Committee
Toshio Kawai (AJAJ)
President IAAP



Birgit Jänchen (DGAP)
Selma Mantovani (SBrPA)
Carmela Mento (CIPA)
Robert Tyminski (CGJISF)
Toshio Kawai (AJAJ) | President
Misser Berg (DSAP) | President Elect
Yasuhiro Tanaka (AJAJ) | Honorary Secretary
Emilija Kiehl (BJAA) | Vice President
Pilar Amezaga (SUAPA) | Vice President, Chair
Ana Deligiannis (SUAPA) | Chair
Fabián Flaiszman (SUAPA)
Karin Fleischer (SUAPA)
Cristina González Casal (SUAPA)
Viviana Szmirewicz (SUAPA)
Chair Program Committee
Pilar Amezaga (SUAPA)
Vice President IAAP
Chair Organizing Committee
Ana Deligiannis
President SUAPA
Hosted by the Uruguayan Argentinian Society for Analytical Psychology (SUAPA)
International Association for Analytical Psychology: iaap.org