IAAP Buenos Aires 2022 | XXII International Congress for Analytical Psychology
August 28 to September 2
Buenos Aires - Argentina
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Pre Congress Workshops

Self-Experience: Playing with Sand/Witnessing in Silence

Monica Pinilla (SCAJ), Eva Pattis Zoja (ÖGAP - CIPA), Edit Viviana Gerber & Caterina Vezzoli

In person only / limited space

Since 2008 an international team of Jungian analysts have been developing Expressive Sandwork, a structured intervention by volunteers for children in situations of social vulnerability. This 3-hour workshop will be conducted in a group setting structured as follows: a. Brief theoretical introduction. b. Break out into pairs: one person will be a player; the other a witness, and then roles are switched. c. The player engages in free play in a sandbox with a wide choice of culturally relevant available miniatures while the witness observes in silence. d. Both experiences will be shared in small groups facilitated by one of the co-leaders (English or Spanish).

Mónica Pinilla Pineda (SCAJ) Psychologist, Master of Arts in Literature and Jungian analyst. Trainer of trainers International Association for Expressive Sandwork (IAES). Private analytical practice. Expressive Sandwork and personal writing journal project organizer.

Eva Pattis Zoja (ÖGAP, CIPA) Clinical psychologist, Jungian psychoanalyst and Sandplay Therapist (ISST) for adults and children is working in private analytical practice in Milan. Teaching activities include the C. G. Jung Institute in Zürich, the C.G. Jung Foundation in New York, ÖGAP in Vienna, DGAP in Berlin and Stuttgart, CIPA Milan and Palermo. 2002 - 2010 teaching and training for IAAP Developing Groups in Hong Kong and Buenos Aires.

Edit V. Gerber (SUAPA) Psycologist. Eutonist. Trainer in Expressive Sandwork, International Association for Expressive Sandwork (IAES). Prívate clínical practice. Expressive Sandwork proyect organizer in Provincia de Buenos Aires and Rosario, Provincia de Santa Fe, Argentina.

Caterina Vezzoli – Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Jungian analyst in private practice, Training Analyst at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich and at CIPA (Centro Italiano Psicologia Analitica). Member IAAP (International Association Analytical Psychology). Member APG (Associazione di Psicoterapia Psicoanalitica di Gruppo). President of Philemon Foundation. Active member of Art&Psyche International Group. Working as Analyst in Italy and abroad, visiting Supervisor in Tunisia, Liaison Person for the Malta developing group. Research and Training activities in the field of Association Experiment, Analytical Psychology, Dreams, Neuroscience, Psychoid unconscious.