IAAP Buenos Aires 2022 | XXII International Congress for Analytical Psychology
August 28 to September 2
Buenos Aires - Argentina
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Big Breakout Sessions

Analytical Psychology & Identity Politics

Barry Miller (CGJILA)

Identity Politics has an increasing influence on the thinking, feelings, and agendas of the population, centralizing group identity. Participation in these evolving identities has served tremendously in bringing inclusiveness to many who have been disenfranchised and isolated because of collective assumptions and prejudices. Identities based on group association can, however, form rigid boundaries around a person’s self-awareness and resist the exploration of the more personal, as yet unconscious elements of psyche. The focus of analysis, the psychology of the individual, can generate tensions with these orientations toward self-definition. This will be explored in clinical material.

Barry Miller, Ph.D., Past President- C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles. “The Analysis of the Homoerotic and the Pursuit of Meaning,” Journal of Analytical Psychology, 51, 2006. “Expressions of Homosexuality and the Perspective of Analytical Psychology,” Journal of Analytical Psychology, 55, No.1, 2010. “On the Analysis of Cheating,” Journal of Analytical Psychology, 58, No.4, 2013. "On the Loss of Nudity in the Men's Locker," Psychological Perspectives, 59, 2016.