IAAP Buenos Aires 2022 | XXII International Congress for Analytical Psychology
August 28 to September 2
Buenos Aires - Argentina
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From the External Group to the Internal One. The Analytical Psychology Moves from the Private Practice to the Multidisciplinary Intervention to Integrate the Functions of Dissociated Patients with Early Trauma

Carlo Melodia (AGAP), Laura Cima (CIPA), Magda Di Renzo (ARPA) & Adele Ruffo (CIPA)

We propose to use "complex psychology", not only for psychotherapic work with individual patients, but also as a tool for evaluating and coordinating activities within multi-disciplinary teams aimed at the care of people, children or adults, who present dissociative states attributable to early trauma or re-activated by former trauma realizing situations of cumulative traumas. In a team that aims at the care of dissociated subjects, that the analyst psychologist can support the group's activities in identifying the specific needs of each patient, in recognizing the professionals who can best respond to them and in coordinating their activities in order to obtain an integrated approach, which is an indispensable condition to effort the psychic integration of the dissociated parts of each subject.

Laura Cima, Psychologist, Sexologist, systemic and psychoanalytic Psychotherapist in La Spezia. Analytical Psychologist in training at CIPA-IAAP. After studies with Prof. Kramer on the “mother/baby” relationship in Geneva, she continued researches in IHNS’ Neuropsychiatry Service. Assessor of the Court, she carries out consultancies on juveniles and families. She worked in trauma’s prevention researches in schools after catastrophic events as the collapse of Morandi bridge in Genoa. Co-author for publications about dissociation in early trauma.

Magda Di Renzo, Psychotherapist, Jungian Analyst. ARPA teacher (IAAP) President of ICSAT (Italian Committee for the Study of Autogenic Therapy). Director of the school of specialization in developmental psychotherapy IdO-MITE. Head of the Psychotherapy Service of the Institute of Orthophonology (Rome). Creator of the DERBBI model (Developmental, Emotional regulation, Relationship and Body Based Intervention) for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She directed emergency projects in traumatic situations for children, teenagers and teachers.

Carlo Melodia, M.D., psychiatrist, graduated of the Jung Institute-Zurich, analytical psychologist AGAP-IAAP, ARPA associated in Italy, lives and works in Padua. Lecturer at the C.G. Jung of Zurich, supervisor and teacher at the CIPA School of Psychotherapy, IAAP supervisor of Malta’s DG and router from Cyprus, teacher at the I.d.O. in Rome. President of the psychoanalytic association VJA, member of AsVeGra - Coirag. Co-author and editor of several books on the psychotherapy of post-traumatic dissociation and training in analytical psychology.

Adele Ruffo, M.D., intensive care doctor, doctor in INHS’ general medicine for 40 years, psychotherapist with hypnosis and psychosomatic degrees, Analytical Psychologist in training at CIPA-IAAP. Co-founder of the psychoanalytic association VJA.