IAAP Buenos Aires 2022 | XXII International Congress for Analytical Psychology
August 28 to September 2
Buenos Aires - Argentina
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Neurosciences of Psyche/Depth Psychology of Mind

Beverley Zabriskie (JPA)

The focus, methods, language, and intent in the work of C.G.JUNG and the neuroscientists RODOLFO LLINAS, AND JOSEPH LE DOUX are dissimilar. Yet each has opened entries into the phenomenological, multi-layered registers of the embodied mind and psyche, the physiological, emotional, imaginal and mental ranges of awareness and consciousness. Each approach the human experience across historical and spatial settings, as multiple modes of imprinting, remembering and responding. Each challenges a hierarchical evolutionary view of our species sources of knowledge. Their theories transcend Cartesian and Darwinian constructs, framing human experience -and dreams- in the context of existence shared in kinship with other living forms.

Beverley Zabriskie a Jungian Analyst in New York City, is a founding faculty member and former President of the Jungian Psychoanalytic Association(JPA.), a past vice-president of The Philemon Foundation, and an Associate Editor of the Journal of Analytic Psychology. Her publications include “The Spectrums of Emotion” in Research in Analytical Psychology (2018) “Time and Tao in Synchronicity" in The Pauli-Jung Conjecture and Its Impact Today (2014)“Energy and Emotion” in Jung in the Academy and Beyond (2015);"A Meeting of Rare Minds", the Preface to Atom and Archetype(2000).