IAAP Buenos Aires 2022 | XXII International Congress for Analytical Psychology
August 28 to September 2
Buenos Aires - Argentina
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Alma, Mito y Cosmovisión en un mundo cambiante. Esenciales de la Psicología Analítica y del Camino Descendente

Margarita Ovalle Vergara (Chile)

Margarita Ovalle Vergara, Clinical Psychologist, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Master’s Degrees in Phenomenology and Existentialism and Comparative Religions, Knoxville University, USA. Member of The Round Tables, Joseph Campbell Foundation. Author of the following books among others: Compared Myths, Chile-Greece, Mythological Chile and Mythophysics: Chaos and Order of the Universe. Professor of postgraduate courses in Comparative Mythologies. Private practice as an Adult Clinical Psychologist. Experience in Dream Analysis and Symbolism.